ICEA GRAND OPENING: Tempest in a Teapot

BE THERE: Buffalo’s Tri-Main Center from 6-9 pm  for the unveiling of the ICEA at Daemen College’s new facility in suite 530 of the Tri-Main Center, 2495 Main St.

Us from Singed Cat Studios are inviting you to see our work- an original animation shot called “Tempest in a Teapot” along with production art for the Grand Opening of Daemen International Center for Excellence! Also our wonderful pal Phil McAndrew will have his fabulous sequential arts on display.

LINK to Buffalo News Article

Tempest in a Teapot

November went by with a lot of us working on the animation Tempest in a Teapot! We’re almost to the point where we can begin releasing out process to you. The animation is going to debut at the new ICEA gallery at Daemen College on January 7, 2012. More soon!!

Lots of Webcomicing!!

Our webcomics are both going thru a lot of excellent changes!  Honey & the Whirlwind has an amazing new format and new colors by Anii. Speaking of whom- she’s also started posting a page per day from her 24 Hour Comic experiment, Ghoulish from now till October 31!

Temptest in a Teapot!

Cool news- we Cats are working on an animation together- more details and sketches to follow!

After Intervention!

Sooo Intervention…. It was a Blast!!  Tim & I hung out with our fantastic friends: Mookie of Dominic Deegan fame, and Stuffed Sushi! So many awesome highjinks and hilarity ensued throughout the weekend. Also it was both Sushi’s birthdays! Poor Mookie lost his voice, but we all keept chatting it up. >_<;; warg so sorry! We both talk too much (haha!)

Also the Super Art Fight gang was there! (Note to self… SAF after hours is crazy….) Ah… AND!, I finally got to meet the excellent Dernjg himself of Hello with Cheese and SAF (also snagged an EPIC print from him). And one of the first people I ever watched on Deviantart (Deanna Echanique of La Macchina Bellica fame) was right across the way from me- so I was able to secretly fan out all weekend about that. Lastly, I need to thank Jennie Breeden of The Devil’s Panties for giving me her sushi order menu and thus preventing me from dying of hunger and lack of sushi at the con!

I’m so glad to meet a whole bunch of very splendid new people. Also grateful to those of you who snagged some swag along the way!  More pics on that as I upload them from my phone…  I wish I could say that the journey back was excellent, but sadly, Southwest lost my luggage (of course it was the one with all my merch and Tim’s clothes!!). Turns out that rainbow necklaces with unicorns, Doctor Who and various original cute 1″ buttons, and Chinese take out boxes are potential terrorist threats, and are being kept in Baltimore overnight.  Bummer~!  But hey- overall I had a LOT of fun, drew some pretty nifty stuff (I’ll post some of that stuff in the next few days too.

Hey so I’m back on a roll! Gonna keep it up now! SOooo many more comics comin’ your way!!! See ya soon~!!!

See you at Intervention!

See youz guys at Intervention this weekend! Tim is premiering a new mini comic for Honey & the Whirlwind and I have a TON of new buttons.
We’re going to be at table #73, right next to our pal, Mookie of Dominic Deegan fame. Also we’ll be chillin’ with our buds, Stuffed Sushi!

Here’s a sneak peek at some awesome Doctor Who buttons I made:

Doctor Who Buttons by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART

How to Draw Chibi & Japanese Stab Stitch Resources

We’re back from Otakon 2011!  Wow… what an experience!!  We cats had a BLAST!  Thanks to everyone who was cool and hung out. Real quick, here are the .pdfs from the Uber Extreme: How to Draw Chibis Pen x Ink workshop (d/l link here) and Super Japanese Stab Stitch Binding Book (d/l link here)  workshop!

How to Draw Chibi Otakon 2011 by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART


Japanese Stab Stitch Binding by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART

At Otakon!

Stop by Tables 1 & 2 in the Artist Alley- and score a free awesome button!  It’s going to be a blast this year. I’m hosting TWO workshops: UBER EXTREME: How to Draw Chibi Workshop Pen x Ink (Saturday @ 11:30 am in Workshop Room 1) AND a second workshop- Super Japanese Stab Stitch Book Binding (Friday @ 3pm Workshop Room 2). Space is super limited in the Book Binding room.

[link] = link to the Otakon Map

Also, I can now reveal a big secret-  I designed the maps for the program booklet of Artist Alley & Dealer’s room :D ! So look out for that as well.  Whhoooo!  ok sleepy time….

Also, Tim is going to have his book and a ton of amazing new art and Honey & the Whirlwind volume 1! And a WHOLE lot more from the both of us… (yay 4am blog posts)….


Check out our latest project, Ranzatsu (乱雑) in the new section above.

Under Construction

Woah.. we’re looking like a blog again…. Mostly because SCS is under construction. I’m working on re-doing the site, making it fuzzier and nice…  Cheers!