How to Draw Chibi Cheat Sheet

In lieu of my printer breaking hardcore at the last minute, here is the PDF you can download off deviantart by clicking “download”! It’s my How to draw chibi cheat sheet & hopefully you will find it useful.

How to Chibi Cheat Sheet by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART

Also, here are links to collections I have that will also be helpful to you:

Chibis the Rock (a folder of Deviant Favs)
Super useful tutorials (from line art to copics)

Recommended Reading Includes:
Manga Moods

Japanese Comickers (or any Comickers books)

Style School Series

How to Draw Manga Colored Original Drawing

How to draw Manga- Sketching Manga Style

One Response to How to Draw Chibi Cheat Sheet

  1. Thanks for all the great tips you provide on manga drawing.

    I have been a manga fan and part time artiste for over 20 years. I already have Manga Special which I bought 11 years ago.

    Still I will certainly put what you teach into practice and improve my drawings better.