New member!

Let’s give a fantastic welcome to our newest member, Sam! We at the Cats met her at Erie Anime Con & are now going to several new cons (as you may have seen on our updates con page) with her and her super nice friends.

Sam makes incredibly cute original and fan squid plushies, as well as high quality (and quite clever) hand-silk screened t-shirts. I’m absolutely in love with her vynl squid stickers-I’ve got one on my car and my laptop!!

We’re super pleased to have her on board. Check out her work at

Squid the rainbow by ~Cyber-Scribe-Screens on deviantART

Onigiri by ~Cyber-Scribe-Screens on deviantART

Cake Lie by ~Cyber-Scribe-Screens on deviantART

Emoticons again by ~Cyber-Scribe-Screens on deviantART

Squids in a row-ID by ~Cyber-Scribe-Screens on deviantART