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Toracon was so much fun! and We haven’t even finished uploading UBcon’s sketches! Thanks to all you cool cats who dropped by for awesome conversation and general good times!! Also it was beyond cool to see my art on the volunteer badge >w< torachibi time!!!  Anime Boston is this weekend… so … here we go again!!!




Woah! A Huge thanks to Artvoice for the amazing feature on the upcoming Buffalo Small Press Book Fair in which they feature not only myself, but my partner in crime, Tim Ferrara and his fantastic comic- Honey & the Whirlwind. Stop by and say hi to us at the Fair this Saturday! I’ll have exclusive buttons and other fun swag. Check it out- LINK

Also a shout-out is due for French Press, as it’s where I made the excellent letterpress Squid Salad poster, used in my new comic (link) You may recall the earlier photos from my entry, here.How Cool!

Black Rock Shooter

I’ve been super into Black Rock Shooter  by ryohuke lately, so I did a CG in painter/photoshop doodle of her. I’m going to work on a more fancy one as a poster for cons so look out for that!

Black Rock Shooter Night by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART

Gorillaz Contest – the Evangelist

Please vote ^3^ [link is here]

>D ohhhh you can also watch it being drawn!

I *love* the gorillaz! And have always been a giant Jamie Hewlett fan. I found out about their character competition just in time for the last round. >w< The character to draw is called the Evangelist and he/she is the opposite of the Boogie man. he/she is described as being an avenger and something of a cowboy/girl as well as has some kind of unicorn connection.

I thought it would be cool to make it a girl, not just in terms of opposite, but also in terms of being awesome for vengeance and revenge. For this doodle I combined parts of- kick ass-ness of the bride of kill bill and annie oakley and edmond mondego aka the count of monte cristo, the chaps/ vest and quasi religous conviction of el mariachi / the pinup kind of old look vintage girl on a bullet bomb unicorn gun with indiana jones’ whip. haha. :D Plus she has at least 8 hidden daggars.. maybe more… do you really want to know where they all are? ahahah! One of them is the unicorn horn in her goggles muahahahahaha :heart: AND i thought it would be kick ass to have bullets going down her arms, not just traditional belt.

cute girls plus big guns plus kicking ass = one my my fav things

Gorillaz The Evangelist by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART

Squid Salad Oekaki


Announcing Squid Salad Oekaki at

Anii will be launching a webcomic soon called Squid Salad and in the meawhile, an Oekaki bord is up for general art and doodling! All are invited :D

Transform (red) Tee up on Threadless

Oh! Another tee design! Go vote!!
Transform(red) - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Another TRON threadless tee!

Hey all! I have another  threadless design up for voting!
Please Check it out and vote!!

TR ON - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Threadless Tee – Please Vote!

Hey all!  I have a threadless design up for voting!  Plz. Check it out and vote!!

Recognize 'er - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Steampunk Goggles

We’re still in the Big Apple, but all through Comic Con, Kings was getting TONS of requests for his fabulous goggles he custom made for myself and our friend Emily. He just added a few pairs to his very shiny and new Etsy Shop for his comic Honey & the Whirlwind-

Kings’ Steampunk Aviator goggles are inspired by his character Divi, but at not just for cosplay and LARP. They are super high quality and each pair is lovingly handmade. He also offers custom goggles, so if you have an idea you are dying to have steampunk’ed shoot him an email (kings{at}

One last fantastic announcement- his goggles are going to be featured in an upcoming production of Steampunk Hamlet in NYC in November. More info & pics will follow!

Here is this shop:

Congrads Kings & Anii, on 2nd & 3rd place at NYCC LoTR Fanart Contest!!

We just got word that Kings ( Tim Ferrara ) won third place for “To the King” in NYCC‘s LoTR fanart contest for the Lord of the Rings at Radio City Music Hall. Congratulations!!!

Check out his delightful entry with Gandalf, Eoymer, & the Riders of Rohan at dawn.

“Theoden King stands alone.”
“Not alone.”

To the King by *Littlekings on deviantART

Also More congrads! Anii ( Annie Stoll ) won 2nd place for her piece The Dead Marshes featuring Frodo, Sam, Gollum & Sauron’s Eye

Lord of the Rings Dead Marshes by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART