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Erie Anime Experience Wrap Up!

Zap! Pow!
We’re back from a very small, but super friendly and nice anime con- Erie Anime Experience! Mostly Tim (Kings) & I were hangin’ with my awesome friend, Karli in Erie, PA. Her new apt. is awesome- so thanks Karli for letting us crash!!

The con itself was supposed to be about 300ish people large, but I was told attendance was way low for who knows what reasons. Despite that, I have to say the Alley Staff were probably the most amazing, friendly, and caring staff we at Singed Cats have ever encountered. Staff members helped us unload and take our gear up (and out at the end). When we arrived into the tiny alley, there were bags of yummy candy and handmade origami flowers for each artist! And throughout the con staff offered to help watch tables, or run and get water if anyone wanted. They were super peaches! Also, the other artists were fantastic neighbors!! We didn’t have a lot of people come through, but I think us in the EAE Alley really bonded and had a blast. And subsequently, we made a bunch of awesome new friends and we’ll be going to a ton more PA cons as a result. So all in all, it was a success! Thanks to everyone- staff, artists, and the very cool attendees who made EAE so much fun!!

a happy customer!
A happy cosplaying customer with one of our new handmade manga books!

SCS at Erie Anime Experience

erie anime singed cat studios 2010 artist alleyHey kids! This week we’ll be at the fabooosh Erie Anime Experience. It’s a 3 day con in Erie, PA Sept 10-12. Here’s a handy map of the Artist Alley which is located in Room 303C of the Frank G. Pogue Student Center (405 Scotland Road Edinboro, PA¬† 16444)

Honey & the Whirlwind author/artist, Kings will be there along with Anii (of tsubasa-no-kami fame). Kings has some limited first press copies of Honey & the Whirlwind as well as a bunch of kick ass steampunk goggles. Anii will have some Kawaii Lufflies earrings, rings, charms, and new necklaces as well as some new handmade onigiri wallets and handmade Japanese bound books! Oh! Annnd a bunch of 12 x 18 posters.