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SCS on Etsy

SCS on Etsy!

Just a quick mention, to those of you who find your way from Toracon… we’ll be posting our extra merch in our etsy shop a few days after the con. ^__^-


I’ve been so busy, I neglected to post on here that SCS is going to Toracon in Rochester, NY this weekend! Kings has made a lovely bunch of promo posters for the occasion, & I’ve made a bunch of new lufflies. I’ll have more photos after the con! Hope to see some awesome people there.


Icon was a blast — Onto Toracon!!!

Icon 29 was so much fun! Mostly went as a civillian, which was swell. The art show had several hitches, but the staff really rolled with it and in the end it looked great. I was so caught up, I didn’t even get to take pictures of the nice set up!!

Next up is Toracon on April 25-26 in Rochester, NY. Littlekings & I are working hard on Bookmarks &  new swag. More posts on that soon : D


The Elements: Icon29 Art Show

A new image from Anii on display at I-con 29′s Art show!
Click below for a larger view!

IT’s A TRAP: I-con 29

Here’s a print I made just for Icon 29‘s Art Show! Admiral Ackbar is my favorite!!

IT’s A TRAP by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART