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How to Draw Chibi & Japanese Stab Stitch Resources

We’re back from Otakon 2011!  Wow… what an experience!!  We cats had a BLAST!  Thanks to everyone who was cool and hung out. Real quick, here are the .pdfs from the Uber Extreme: How to Draw Chibis Pen x Ink workshop (d/l link here) and Super Japanese Stab Stitch Binding Book (d/l link here)  workshop!

How to Draw Chibi Otakon 2011 by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART


Japanese Stab Stitch Binding by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART

At Otakon!

Stop by Tables 1 & 2 in the Artist Alley- and score a free awesome button!  It’s going to be a blast this year. I’m hosting TWO workshops: UBER EXTREME: How to Draw Chibi Workshop Pen x Ink (Saturday @ 11:30 am in Workshop Room 1) AND a second workshop- Super Japanese Stab Stitch Book Binding (Friday @ 3pm Workshop Room 2). Space is super limited in the Book Binding room.

[link] = link to the Otakon Map

Also, I can now reveal a big secret-  I designed the maps for the program booklet of Artist Alley & Dealer’s room :D ! So look out for that as well.  Whhoooo!  ok sleepy time….

Also, Tim is going to have his book and a ton of amazing new art and Honey & the Whirlwind volume 1! And a WHOLE lot more from the both of us… (yay 4am blog posts)….


Ah I found a photo from Otakon maybe two year ago? Of our set up. Old, but I never seem to remember to take pics.. so enjoy!

Hopefully also more posts after the holidays!

Otakon Wrap up!

Hey All. I never did a formal Otakon wrap up and we just got back from EAE! So what better way than post some pics from Otakon… and in a few I’ll be posting a report on EAE.  Cheers!

So Otakon 2010 was CRAZY! and a blur. There was a fire incident, of course, and the alley fan art limits and the usual flights delayed and such. But overall it was a fantastic year! It was really great to see so many familiar faces and also to meet many new ones as well! Our neighbors- Loritza and Michelle of Electric Lemonade fame were the best! We also got to hang with a lot of our Alley and Deviantart buds (you all know who you are! hehe).  Also many thankx to our real life friends for helping us set up and watch our table and hang out and be cool- Chris, Emily, Steph, Dannii, Kenney, & Molly

My Uber Extreme: How to Draw Chibis: Copic Edition was a big success as well! I’m rather sad that half the people who showed up had to be turned away due to capacity issues. I’ve been told that next year I’ll be given a larger space (so hopefully that will work out!). The Workshop staff were fantastic, so many thanks to them for working with me!

The Alley had some modified times, and while our placement was less than ideal, we still managed to have fun and success. We also debuted a lot of new merch- acrylic charms, spaklies, and glow pandas and onigiri!  I’m a bit bummed that I was so busy I hardly have any photos!  Tim’s Honey & the Whirlwind did especially well- he sold out of all his goggles on the first day AND  H&TW fans stopped by to say hi- which was SUPER cool. I did more comishies than ever before- and half of them I didnt even get to take photos of!  *so sad!!* But here is some documentation, hopefully You’ll enjoy.

We’ll see you Ota-kats next year!!

Photos of the Fire Storm:


the firestorm

Photos of Comishions:
(I actually missed a ton of photos of other comishies I did so I’m really sad I can’t show them T_T;; if you have a pic of a comishie I did for you, please send it to singedcatstudios(at)

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Photos from our Booth:
So these are just form setting up (Steph took the pics!). I don’t have any from the awesome completed setup T_T;; nor do I have any of my side of the table n_n;;

Photos from the sky:

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New Poster- Ghibli Time!

If you’d like one for only $10, visit  our Etsy Shop
A limited number of 12×18 posters were available at Otakon’s Artist Alley & we sold out, so now more have been added to our shop. If you wern’t able to get one, now’s your chance!

Ghibli Time by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART

How to Draw Chibi Cheat Sheet

In lieu of my printer breaking hardcore at the last minute, here is the PDF you can download off deviantart by clicking “download”! It’s my How to draw chibi cheat sheet & hopefully you will find it useful.

How to Chibi Cheat Sheet by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART

Also, here are links to collections I have that will also be helpful to you:

Chibis the Rock (a folder of Deviant Favs)
Super useful tutorials (from line art to copics)

Recommended Reading Includes:
Manga Moods

Japanese Comickers (or any Comickers books)

Style School Series

How to Draw Manga Colored Original Drawing

How to draw Manga- Sketching Manga Style


Hey all!

If you are heading to Otakon, be sure to check out my workshop:

4- 6 pm FRIDAY in Workshop 2

Yes. there will be REAL copics provided!! : D and lots of chibi drawin’ goodness!

And I’ll be in the alley As Singed Cat Studios with Kings at K02 & K03!!

>3< I can’t wait to see a bunch of you! (please say hi!!! please? hehe)