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WOW! Smack in the middle of a convention every weekend jag! We’ve completed Tekkoshocon and UB Con and next week is Toracon followed by Anime Boston! There’s so much to do and so very little time! Hopefully we’ll get more some updates here and the etsy shop! :D

Here are some comishies from UB con that I did… I have a lot more to upload from Tekko!

Wrap Up: Buffalo Small Press Book Fair

squid salad

What a blast today was! Look for us to update the etsy shops and post Honey & the Whirlwind book ordering info as well. Thanks to everyone who came out to visit us, bought swag, or chatted! Tim & I really enjoyed it! Many thanks!! Cheers~



Woah! A Huge thanks to Artvoice for the amazing feature on the upcoming Buffalo Small Press Book Fair in which they feature not only myself, but my partner in crime, Tim Ferrara and his fantastic comic- Honey & the Whirlwind. Stop by and say hi to us at the Fair this Saturday! I’ll have exclusive buttons and other fun swag. Check it out- LINK

Also a shout-out is due for French Press, as it’s where I made the excellent letterpress Squid Salad poster, used in my new comic (link) You may recall the earlier photos from my entry, here.How Cool!

Buffalo Small Press Book Fair

Kings & I are going to be at the Buffalo Small Press Book fair on march 19 (Saturday!) with our respective comics (Honey & the Whirlwind and Squid Salad)  Kings will be selling his new book, and I’ll have buttons and other coolness!

you should go!

Here’s the Offical Info:

What: 2011 Buffalo Small Press Book Fair
Where: Karpeles Manuscript Library Museum, Porter Hall, 453 Porter Ave, Buffalo, NY
When: March 19, 2011 12p.m.-6p.m.
Who: Writers, artists, and cultural workers from the Great Lakes Region and beyond

Details of the event are available online at:


We’re at Setsucon with our friends Stuffed Sushi and their awesome friends. The con is great so far- make a bunch of new friends and seen some cool old ones as well. More Later! RAWK :D


Ah I found a photo from Otakon maybe two year ago? Of our set up. Old, but I never seem to remember to take pics.. so enjoy!

Hopefully also more posts after the holidays!

Steampunk Goggles

We’re still in the Big Apple, but all through Comic Con, Kings was getting TONS of requests for his fabulous goggles he custom made for myself and our friend Emily. He just added a few pairs to his very shiny and new Etsy Shop for his comic Honey & the Whirlwind-

Kings’ Steampunk Aviator goggles are inspired by his character Divi, but at not just for cosplay and LARP. They are super high quality and each pair is lovingly handmade. He also offers custom goggles, so if you have an idea you are dying to have steampunk’ed shoot him an email (kings{at}

One last fantastic announcement- his goggles are going to be featured in an upcoming production of Steampunk Hamlet in NYC in November. More info & pics will follow!

Here is this shop:

Comic Con… so far!

Ah!  a quick update– so far NYCC is a blast!! So many fantastic people, panels, & merch! Also, Tim has gotten tons of compliments on his goggles, so as soon as we get back, we’ll be putting a bunch up on our Etsy shop.

We have a TON of awesome stories, including how I met Brian Lee O’Malley of Scott Pilgrim fame while cosplaying as Ramona.

We just came back from Lord of the Rings at Radio City Music Hall. It was so incredible. Only thing that was a major bummer is that none of the fan art was shown before the show as promised… We at the Cats were pretty stoked to see two of our members’ art make it onto the big screen.  But anyways, the show was fantastic- amazing singers and orchestra!

More later!!

Congrads Kings & Anii, on 2nd & 3rd place at NYCC LoTR Fanart Contest!!

We just got word that Kings ( Tim Ferrara ) won third place for “To the King” in NYCC‘s LoTR fanart contest for the Lord of the Rings at Radio City Music Hall. Congratulations!!!

Check out his delightful entry with Gandalf, Eoymer, & the Riders of Rohan at dawn.

“Theoden King stands alone.”
“Not alone.”

To the King by *Littlekings on deviantART

Also More congrads! Anii ( Annie Stoll ) won 2nd place for her piece The Dead Marshes featuring Frodo, Sam, Gollum & Sauron’s Eye

Lord of the Rings Dead Marshes by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART

Busy Beaver Buttons!

Many thanks to our friends at Busy Beaver Buttons! Our glow in the dark Pirate vs Ninjas Onigiri Buttons have been such a big hit at cons, that our last few pairs on Etsy are all that are left! We’re re-ordering, so some more will be on the way ASAP. Check out this uber cute article they wrote about the buttons on their blog: link

Snag ‘em on Etsy

Also, check out Anii’s How to make buttons tutorial on Deviantart:

How to Make Buttons Tutorial by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART