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Toracon was so much fun! and We haven’t even finished uploading UBcon’s sketches! Thanks to all you cool cats who dropped by for awesome conversation and general good times!! Also it was beyond cool to see my art on the volunteer badge >w< torachibi time!!!  Anime Boston is this weekend… so … here we go again!!!




WOW! Smack in the middle of a convention every weekend jag! We’ve completed Tekkoshocon and UB Con and next week is Toracon followed by Anime Boston! There’s so much to do and so very little time! Hopefully we’ll get more some updates here and the etsy shop! :D

Here are some comishies from UB con that I did… I have a lot more to upload from Tekko!

Post Toracon

Toracon was a blast! Here’s a few photos! Thanks to everyone who stopped by!

Our set- up was even featured on YNN (local TV) DIG IT: LINK

Yuko Ichihara Chibi by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART