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ICEA GRAND OPENING: Tempest in a Teapot

BE THERE: Buffalo’s Tri-Main Center from 6-9 pm  for the unveiling of the ICEA at Daemen College’s new facility in suite 530 of the Tri-Main Center, 2495 Main St.

Us from Singed Cat Studios are inviting you to see our work- an original animation shot called “Tempest in a Teapot” along with production art for the Grand Opening of Daemen International Center for Excellence! Also our wonderful pal Phil McAndrew will have his fabulous sequential arts on display.

LINK to Buffalo News Article

Tempest in a Teapot

November went by with a lot of us working on the animation Tempest in a Teapot! We’re almost to the point where we can begin releasing out process to you. The animation is going to debut at the new ICEA gallery at Daemen College on January 7, 2012. More soon!!

Lots of Webcomicing!!

Our webcomics are both going thru a lot of excellent changes!  Honey & the Whirlwind has an amazing new format and new colors by Anii. Speaking of whom- she’s also started posting a page per day from her 24 Hour Comic experiment, Ghoulish from now till October 31!

Temptest in a Teapot!

Cool news- we Cats are working on an animation together- more details and sketches to follow!


Check out our latest project, Ranzatsu (乱雑) in the new section above.

Under Construction

Woah.. we’re looking like a blog again…. Mostly because SCS is under construction. I’m working on re-doing the site, making it fuzzier and nice…  Cheers!

WNYBAC Member Show : Artvoice Feature

Woah! Artvoice chose to feature Honey & the Whirlwind by Tim Ferrara for the second time- this time it’s because he’s exhibiting in the  WNYBAC member’s show. Dig it! It’s on view till July 9. If you ever come to Buffalo, NY you really need to visit the Western New York Book Arts Collective. It’s a really amazing place.

Also featured in the article is a hand made stab stitch book by Anii (me lol!). It contains sketches with the theme of Cherry Blossom Dream. It was made with Washi paper and I quite enjoy doodling in it with copic markers. (I have a post about the books I make on my personal blog: link )

What are you waiting for?? Go check out all the amazingness at the Western New York Book Arts Collective!


Woah! A Huge thanks to Artvoice for the amazing feature on the upcoming Buffalo Small Press Book Fair in which they feature not only myself, but my partner in crime, Tim Ferrara and his fantastic comic- Honey & the Whirlwind. Stop by and say hi to us at the Fair this Saturday! I’ll have exclusive buttons and other fun swag. Check it out- LINK

Also a shout-out is due for French Press, as it’s where I made the excellent letterpress Squid Salad poster, used in my new comic (link) You may recall the earlier photos from my entry, here.How Cool!

Pray for Japan

Today I was going to make all of our big announcements. But there are more important things in the world today. Pray for Japan and everyone who is affected by the earthquake. Donate to the Red Cross if you can! Licchan posted an excellent journal with resources here:

Also our friend Phil (of Aborted Creativity fame) hasn’t been able to get in contact with his sister in Sendai, so let’s all send some special prayers/wishes his way!

BBC Japan Coverage

Dear everyone in Japan;
Please stay strong against
the earthquakes and tsunamis.
The whole world is praying
for your safety.

Long time no type!


Quick entry to say that we’ve got a LOT in the work. Looks like it’s been quiet, but in reality, Kings is about to launch a new comic book for Honey & the Whirlwind and I’ve been working on a comic at Squid Salad. I’ll be blogging more this week on all the new things as we gear up for a crazy con season!!