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Steampunk Goggles

We’re still in the Big Apple, but all through Comic Con, Kings was getting TONS of requests for his fabulous goggles he custom made for myself and our friend Emily. He just added a few pairs to his very shiny and new Etsy Shop for his comic Honey & the Whirlwind-

Kings’ Steampunk Aviator goggles are inspired by his character Divi, but at not just for cosplay and LARP. They are super high quality and each pair is lovingly handmade. He also offers custom goggles, so if you have an idea you are dying to have steampunk’ed shoot him an email (kings{at}

One last fantastic announcement- his goggles are going to be featured in an upcoming production of Steampunk Hamlet in NYC in November. More info & pics will follow!

Here is this shop:

Congrads Kings & Anii, on 2nd & 3rd place at NYCC LoTR Fanart Contest!!

We just got word that Kings ( Tim Ferrara ) won third place for “To the King” in NYCC‘s LoTR fanart contest for the Lord of the Rings at Radio City Music Hall. Congratulations!!!

Check out his delightful entry with Gandalf, Eoymer, & the Riders of Rohan at dawn.

“Theoden King stands alone.”
“Not alone.”

To the King by *Littlekings on deviantART

Also More congrads! Anii ( Annie Stoll ) won 2nd place for her piece The Dead Marshes featuring Frodo, Sam, Gollum & Sauron’s Eye

Lord of the Rings Dead Marshes by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART

New member!

Let’s give a fantastic welcome to our newest member, Sam! We at the Cats met her at Erie Anime Con & are now going to several new cons (as you may have seen on our updates con page) with her and her super nice friends.

Sam makes incredibly cute original and fan squid plushies, as well as high quality (and quite clever) hand-silk screened t-shirts. I’m absolutely in love with her vynl squid stickers-I’ve got one on my car and my laptop!!

We’re super pleased to have her on board. Check out her work at

Squid the rainbow by ~Cyber-Scribe-Screens on deviantART

Onigiri by ~Cyber-Scribe-Screens on deviantART

Cake Lie by ~Cyber-Scribe-Screens on deviantART

Emoticons again by ~Cyber-Scribe-Screens on deviantART

Squids in a row-ID by ~Cyber-Scribe-Screens on deviantART

Japanese Stab Stitch Hand-Bound Books

So I’ve been really excited about making handbound Japanese stab stitch books. I debuted them at Erie Anime Experience, & people loved them! The following are available on Singed Cat Studios’ Etsy book section {here} for just $10! The outside paper is made from super strong (and quite expensive) kimono pattern origami paper from Japan. The inside lining papers are manga from Japanese manga “phone books.” Attached to every book is a unique bookmark with tiny shiny gems and beads. The outside stitch and binding are made from super cute embroidery thread. Inside paper is perfect for writing secret thoughts and dreams, or for keeping special doodles and drawings.

Here’s my flickr set of all the luffily hand-bound stab stitch books I’ve made so far:

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Honey & the Whrilwind Call for Entires!

Kings is looking for some fan art for his comic, Honey & the Whirlwind! Check out the details here.

He’s going to post your art on his comic between arcs, so it’s definitely a chance to get noticed and have some fun! Submissions are due by Oct. 1. Send your art to kings{at}

Busy Beaver Buttons!

Many thanks to our friends at Busy Beaver Buttons! Our glow in the dark Pirate vs Ninjas Onigiri Buttons have been such a big hit at cons, that our last few pairs on Etsy are all that are left! We’re re-ordering, so some more will be on the way ASAP. Check out this uber cute article they wrote about the buttons on their blog: link

Snag ‘em on Etsy

Also, check out Anii’s How to make buttons tutorial on Deviantart:

How to Make Buttons Tutorial by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART

Erie Anime Experience Wrap Up!

Zap! Pow!
We’re back from a very small, but super friendly and nice anime con- Erie Anime Experience! Mostly Tim (Kings) & I were hangin’ with my awesome friend, Karli in Erie, PA. Her new apt. is awesome- so thanks Karli for letting us crash!!

The con itself was supposed to be about 300ish people large, but I was told attendance was way low for who knows what reasons. Despite that, I have to say the Alley Staff were probably the most amazing, friendly, and caring staff we at Singed Cats have ever encountered. Staff members helped us unload and take our gear up (and out at the end). When we arrived into the tiny alley, there were bags of yummy candy and handmade origami flowers for each artist! And throughout the con staff offered to help watch tables, or run and get water if anyone wanted. They were super peaches! Also, the other artists were fantastic neighbors!! We didn’t have a lot of people come through, but I think us in the EAE Alley really bonded and had a blast. And subsequently, we made a bunch of awesome new friends and we’ll be going to a ton more PA cons as a result. So all in all, it was a success! Thanks to everyone- staff, artists, and the very cool attendees who made EAE so much fun!!

a happy customer!
A happy cosplaying customer with one of our new handmade manga books!

Otakon Wrap up!

Hey All. I never did a formal Otakon wrap up and we just got back from EAE! So what better way than post some pics from Otakon… and in a few I’ll be posting a report on EAE.  Cheers!

So Otakon 2010 was CRAZY! and a blur. There was a fire incident, of course, and the alley fan art limits and the usual flights delayed and such. But overall it was a fantastic year! It was really great to see so many familiar faces and also to meet many new ones as well! Our neighbors- Loritza and Michelle of Electric Lemonade fame were the best! We also got to hang with a lot of our Alley and Deviantart buds (you all know who you are! hehe).  Also many thankx to our real life friends for helping us set up and watch our table and hang out and be cool- Chris, Emily, Steph, Dannii, Kenney, & Molly

My Uber Extreme: How to Draw Chibis: Copic Edition was a big success as well! I’m rather sad that half the people who showed up had to be turned away due to capacity issues. I’ve been told that next year I’ll be given a larger space (so hopefully that will work out!). The Workshop staff were fantastic, so many thanks to them for working with me!

The Alley had some modified times, and while our placement was less than ideal, we still managed to have fun and success. We also debuted a lot of new merch- acrylic charms, spaklies, and glow pandas and onigiri!  I’m a bit bummed that I was so busy I hardly have any photos!  Tim’s Honey & the Whirlwind did especially well- he sold out of all his goggles on the first day AND  H&TW fans stopped by to say hi- which was SUPER cool. I did more comishies than ever before- and half of them I didnt even get to take photos of!  *so sad!!* But here is some documentation, hopefully You’ll enjoy.

We’ll see you Ota-kats next year!!

Photos of the Fire Storm:


the firestorm

Photos of Comishions:
(I actually missed a ton of photos of other comishies I did so I’m really sad I can’t show them T_T;; if you have a pic of a comishie I did for you, please send it to singedcatstudios(at)

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Photos from our Booth:
So these are just form setting up (Steph took the pics!). I don’t have any from the awesome completed setup T_T;; nor do I have any of my side of the table n_n;;

Photos from the sky:

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Singed Cats just got confirmation that we’ll be in the Artist Alley at
Setsucon – January 29-30, 2011 in PA.

SCS at Erie Anime Experience

erie anime singed cat studios 2010 artist alleyHey kids! This week we’ll be at the fabooosh Erie Anime Experience. It’s a 3 day con in Erie, PA Sept 10-12. Here’s a handy map of the Artist Alley which is located in Room 303C of the Frank G. Pogue Student Center (405 Scotland Road Edinboro, PA  16444)

Honey & the Whirlwind author/artist, Kings will be there along with Anii (of tsubasa-no-kami fame). Kings has some limited first press copies of Honey & the Whirlwind as well as a bunch of kick ass steampunk goggles. Anii will have some Kawaii Lufflies earrings, rings, charms, and new necklaces as well as some new handmade onigiri wallets and handmade Japanese bound books! Oh! Annnd a bunch of 12 x 18 posters.