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ICEA GRAND OPENING: Tempest in a Teapot

BE THERE: Buffalo’s Tri-Main Center from 6-9 pm  for the unveiling of the ICEA at Daemen College’s new facility in suite 530 of the Tri-Main Center, 2495 Main St.

Us from Singed Cat Studios are inviting you to see our work- an original animation shot called “Tempest in a Teapot” along with production art for the Grand Opening of Daemen International Center for Excellence! Also our wonderful pal Phil McAndrew will have his fabulous sequential arts on display.

LINK to Buffalo News Article

Temptest in a Teapot!

Cool news- we Cats are working on an animation together- more details and sketches to follow!

Long time no type!


Quick entry to say that we’ve got a LOT in the work. Looks like it’s been quiet, but in reality, Kings is about to launch a new comic book for Honey & the Whirlwind and I’ve been working on a comic at Squid Salad. I’ll be blogging more this week on all the new things as we gear up for a crazy con season!!

Squid Salad Oekaki


Announcing Squid Salad Oekaki at

Anii will be launching a webcomic soon called Squid Salad and in the meawhile, an Oekaki bord is up for general art and doodling! All are invited :D

Transform (red) Tee up on Threadless

Oh! Another tee design! Go vote!!
Transform(red) - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Another TRON threadless tee!

Hey all! I have another  threadless design up for voting!
Please Check it out and vote!!

TR ON - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Threadless Tee – Please Vote!

Hey all!  I have a threadless design up for voting!  Plz. Check it out and vote!!

Recognize 'er - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Steampunk Goggles

We’re still in the Big Apple, but all through Comic Con, Kings was getting TONS of requests for his fabulous goggles he custom made for myself and our friend Emily. He just added a few pairs to his very shiny and new Etsy Shop for his comic Honey & the Whirlwind-

Kings’ Steampunk Aviator goggles are inspired by his character Divi, but at not just for cosplay and LARP. They are super high quality and each pair is lovingly handmade. He also offers custom goggles, so if you have an idea you are dying to have steampunk’ed shoot him an email (kings{at}

One last fantastic announcement- his goggles are going to be featured in an upcoming production of Steampunk Hamlet in NYC in November. More info & pics will follow!

Here is this shop:

New member!

Let’s give a fantastic welcome to our newest member, Sam! We at the Cats met her at Erie Anime Con & are now going to several new cons (as you may have seen on our updates con page) with her and her super nice friends.

Sam makes incredibly cute original and fan squid plushies, as well as high quality (and quite clever) hand-silk screened t-shirts. I’m absolutely in love with her vynl squid stickers-I’ve got one on my car and my laptop!!

We’re super pleased to have her on board. Check out her work at

Squid the rainbow by ~Cyber-Scribe-Screens on deviantART

Onigiri by ~Cyber-Scribe-Screens on deviantART

Cake Lie by ~Cyber-Scribe-Screens on deviantART

Emoticons again by ~Cyber-Scribe-Screens on deviantART

Squids in a row-ID by ~Cyber-Scribe-Screens on deviantART

Japanese Stab Stitch Hand-Bound Books

So I’ve been really excited about making handbound Japanese stab stitch books. I debuted them at Erie Anime Experience, & people loved them! The following are available on Singed Cat Studios’ Etsy book section {here} for just $10! The outside paper is made from super strong (and quite expensive) kimono pattern origami paper from Japan. The inside lining papers are manga from Japanese manga “phone books.” Attached to every book is a unique bookmark with tiny shiny gems and beads. The outside stitch and binding are made from super cute embroidery thread. Inside paper is perfect for writing secret thoughts and dreams, or for keeping special doodles and drawings.

Here’s my flickr set of all the luffily hand-bound stab stitch books I’ve made so far:

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