Pray for Japan

Today I was going to make all of our big announcements. But there are more important things in the world today. Pray for Japan and everyone who is affected by the earthquake. Donate to the Red Cross if you can! Licchan posted an excellent journal with resources here:

Also our friend Phil (of Aborted Creativity fame) hasn’t been able to get in contact with his sister in Sendai, so let’s all send some special prayers/wishes his way!

BBC Japan Coverage

Dear everyone in Japan;
Please stay strong against
the earthquakes and tsunamis.
The whole world is praying
for your safety.

Long time no type!


Quick entry to say that we’ve got a LOT in the work. Looks like it’s been quiet, but in reality, Kings is about to launch a new comic book for Honey & the Whirlwind and I’ve been working on a comic at Squid Salad. I’ll be blogging more this week on all the new things as we gear up for a crazy con season!!


We’re at Setsucon with our friends Stuffed Sushi and their awesome friends. The con is great so far- make a bunch of new friends and seen some cool old ones as well. More Later! RAWK :D

Black Rock Shooter

I’ve been super into Black Rock Shooter  by ryohuke lately, so I did a CG in painter/photoshop doodle of her. I’m going to work on a more fancy one as a poster for cons so look out for that!

Black Rock Shooter Night by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART


Ah I found a photo from Otakon maybe two year ago? Of our set up. Old, but I never seem to remember to take pics.. so enjoy!

Hopefully also more posts after the holidays!

Gorillaz Contest – the Evangelist

Please vote ^3^ [link is here]

>D ohhhh you can also watch it being drawn!

I *love* the gorillaz! And have always been a giant Jamie Hewlett fan. I found out about their character competition just in time for the last round. >w< The character to draw is called the Evangelist and he/she is the opposite of the Boogie man. he/she is described as being an avenger and something of a cowboy/girl as well as has some kind of unicorn connection.

I thought it would be cool to make it a girl, not just in terms of opposite, but also in terms of being awesome for vengeance and revenge. For this doodle I combined parts of- kick ass-ness of the bride of kill bill and annie oakley and edmond mondego aka the count of monte cristo, the chaps/ vest and quasi religous conviction of el mariachi / the pinup kind of old look vintage girl on a bullet bomb unicorn gun with indiana jones’ whip. haha. :D Plus she has at least 8 hidden daggars.. maybe more… do you really want to know where they all are? ahahah! One of them is the unicorn horn in her goggles muahahahahaha :heart: AND i thought it would be kick ass to have bullets going down her arms, not just traditional belt.

cute girls plus big guns plus kicking ass = one my my fav things

Gorillaz The Evangelist by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART

Squid Salad Oekaki


Announcing Squid Salad Oekaki at

Anii will be launching a webcomic soon called Squid Salad and in the meawhile, an Oekaki bord is up for general art and doodling! All are invited :D

Manga Next!!

Hey! I’m going to be at Manga Next along with Sam this weekend! Come visit us at Table 18 in the Alley! We’ll be right next to our friends, Stuffed Sushi.

Transform (red) Tee up on Threadless

Oh! Another tee design! Go vote!!
Transform(red) - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever

Another TRON threadless tee!

Hey all! I have another  threadless design up for voting!
Please Check it out and vote!!

TR ON - Threadless, Best T-shirts Ever