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See you at Intervention!

See youz guys at Intervention this weekend! Tim is premiering a new mini comic for Honey & the Whirlwind and I have a TON of new buttons.
We’re going to be at table #73, right next to our pal, Mookie of Dominic Deegan fame. Also we’ll be chillin’ with our buds, Stuffed Sushi!

Here’s a sneak peek at some awesome Doctor Who buttons I made:

Doctor Who Buttons by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART

Ranzatsu (乱雑) / Buffalo Infringment Festival

Anii (+ Tim) are working on Ranzatsu (乱雑) for the Buffalo Infringment Festival

Ranzatsu is the Japanese word for clutter/disorder/promiscuity. This is an exercise in dialogue through participatory comics/manga. Part Performance, Part Installation. There is no audience. Everyone joins to create a comic dialogue from upcycled manga/comics/their own hand. It can never be finished.

Check out the other Awesome Infringers: link. Also help support the Kickstarter that’s makin’ it all possible!


Hey! Happy Free Comic book Day! Kings is posting all of his FCBD Comic in COLOR online! (link) And Anii made her first zine! (dig it)

It’s been non stop busy for us cats! Look for some con summaries and good news on the horizon! Now we are off to attend TCAF! See you!

Slayers Revolution

Another Limited 12 x 18 poster for Otakon. :D Enjoy!

SLAYERS by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART