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Busy Beaver Buttons!

Many thanks to our friends at Busy Beaver Buttons! Our glow in the dark Pirate vs Ninjas Onigiri Buttons have been such a big hit at cons, that our last few pairs on Etsy are all that are left! We’re re-ordering, so some more will be on the way ASAP. Check out this uber cute article they wrote about the buttons on their blog: link

Snag ‘em on Etsy

Also, check out Anii’s How to make buttons tutorial on Deviantart:

How to Make Buttons Tutorial by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART

SCS Button Pack #1

This is Singed Cat’s first Button pack. (The white circle indicates where the wrap-around is) Crest by Tinkey, Logo by Danielle W. & the two blue kittens + design by Anii. There are still a few buttons left @  $1 each.