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Gorillaz Contest – the Evangelist

Please vote ^3^ [link is here]

>D ohhhh you can also watch it being drawn!

I *love* the gorillaz! And have always been a giant Jamie Hewlett fan. I found out about their character competition just in time for the last round. >w< The character to draw is called the Evangelist and he/she is the opposite of the Boogie man. he/she is described as being an avenger and something of a cowboy/girl as well as has some kind of unicorn connection.

I thought it would be cool to make it a girl, not just in terms of opposite, but also in terms of being awesome for vengeance and revenge. For this doodle I combined parts of- kick ass-ness of the bride of kill bill and annie oakley and edmond mondego aka the count of monte cristo, the chaps/ vest and quasi religous conviction of el mariachi / the pinup kind of old look vintage girl on a bullet bomb unicorn gun with indiana jones’ whip. haha. :D Plus she has at least 8 hidden daggars.. maybe more… do you really want to know where they all are? ahahah! One of them is the unicorn horn in her goggles muahahahahaha :heart: AND i thought it would be kick ass to have bullets going down her arms, not just traditional belt.

cute girls plus big guns plus kicking ass = one my my fav things

Gorillaz The Evangelist by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART

Squid Salad Oekaki


Announcing Squid Salad Oekaki at http://www.squidsalad.net/oekaki

Anii will be launching a webcomic soon called Squid Salad and in the meawhile, an Oekaki bord is up for general art and doodling! All are invited :D