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How to Draw Chibi & Japanese Stab Stitch Resources

We’re back from Otakon 2011!  Wow… what an experience!!  We cats had a BLAST!  Thanks to everyone who was cool and hung out. Real quick, here are the .pdfs from the Uber Extreme: How to Draw Chibis Pen x Ink workshop (d/l link here) and Super Japanese Stab Stitch Binding Book (d/l link here)  workshop!

How to Draw Chibi Otakon 2011 by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART


Japanese Stab Stitch Binding by *Tsubasa-No-Kami on deviantART

Japanese Stab Stitch Hand-Bound Books

So I’ve been really excited about making handbound Japanese stab stitch books. I debuted them at Erie Anime Experience, & people loved them! The following are available on Singed Cat Studios’ Etsy book section {here} for just $10! The outside paper is made from super strong (and quite expensive) kimono pattern origami paper from Japan. The inside lining papers are manga from Japanese manga “phone books.” Attached to every book is a unique bookmark with tiny shiny gems and beads. The outside stitch and binding are made from super cute embroidery thread. Inside paper is perfect for writing secret thoughts and dreams, or for keeping special doodles and drawings.

Here’s my flickr set of all the luffily hand-bound stab stitch books I’ve made so far:

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